Joyce Z. Meyers, LCSW, CHT, CRT

Joyce Z. MeyersLCSW, CHT, CRT

As a spiritual and experiential psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, trauma specialist, art therapist, and visionary with over thirty years of experience, I have developed a transformational model synthesizing transpersonal and shamanic approaches to personal growth, healing, recovery and spiritual unfoldment, as well as challenges arising as a result of ascension or spiritual awakening.

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Holistic and Spiritual Psychotherapy
I use a dynamic approach, working with you in partnership, to bring about cohesion between body, mind and spiritual functioning. The process enables you to work through patterns, beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck; and supports you in opening to greater aspects of the Self.
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Art Therapy
Art therapy is a powerful tool for accessing material buried beneath the surface. It can assist in helping us more easily identify problematic feelings, beliefs and patterns out of the normal range of awareness and provide unique solutions to dilemmas. It can also help identify parts of the self that need support, parts that require boundaries, and parts that offer guidance.
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Trauma And incest Recovery
Most of our present day difficulties have their roots in early childhood wounds that have not been attended to. These difficulties arise from dysfunctional caretaking, whether they be emotional, mental, verbal, physical or sexual abuse or neglect. If our caregivers have not healed their own childhood wounds, they will unconsciously pass them on to you – the next generation. We teach what we learn.
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Past Life Regression Therapy
Previous lives, as well as childhood trauma, contribute to current mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems. I use past life therapy, within the context of psychotherapy, to safely guide you in recalling and reviewing your past and to begin opening to more constructive and creative potentials.
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Recovery of Soul-Mind Fragmentation (RSF) Therapy​
When a person experiences trauma, whether it be from physical, sexual or emotional abuse, fragments of the self split off and flee for survival. These fragments, which usually are inner children may relocate to other parts of the body, hang around the periphery of the body, or travel to the Light or other dimensions. What remains is a filament of connection between the person and the part that fled.
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Spirit Releasement Therapy
In my work I use this type of therapy within the context of ongoing psychotherapy. Trance states or art therapy is used to identify attachments negatively affecting a person’s functioning. Many attachments consist of earthbound spirits, mind fragments of living people, terminated pregnancies, or negative entities.
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Both hypnotherapy and NLP utilize trance states to bypass the conscious mind, thus creating a relaxed willingness for inner exploration to occur. It is an organic approach to effect internal and external change.
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Self Esteem Issues
Self-esteem is the experience of feeling worthy of love and happiness and feeling capable of handling life’s challenges. We quickly begin to lose the healthy sense of self we are born with as we go through life’s many experiences. If our caregivers lack self-esteem, they will be unable to mirror it back to us nor nurture it within us.
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Ritual Abuse Recovery
Ritual abuse is organized systematic torture perpetrated by satanically oriented families, cults, groups or organizations (can also be a cult of one person) in order to break the will of a child so the child can be used for their own sinister purposes. This includes extreme sexual, emotional, psychological and physical torture as well as mind control, human experimentation, and human and animal sacrifices. Contrary to popular belief, satanic and other cult activity is widespread, and deeply undercover, in the United States and around the world.
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Inner Child Bonding
Inner Child Bonding includes developing a respectful, protective and loving relationship with each internal child, helping the inner child develop a supportive, evolving relationship with other parts that make up the internal structure, reinstituting necessary boundaries of safety, setting appropriate boundaries with hurtful parental or societal introjects, and opening to wisdom figures who can act as inner guides.
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Eating Disorders
In the work I do, I consider eating disorders a survival mechanism used to numb feelings, expressing on the outside the pain felt on the inside. These feelings, which are usually below a person’s level of awareness, eat away at the self. Food, or the lack of it, becomes medication or deprivation to actively bury unexpressed feelings of heartbreak and powerlessness.
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Codependency Issues
Codependency Codependency is the belief that your happiness comes from someone else. This belief develops as a result of having unmet childhood needs and leads to limiting beliefs about your self and your capabilities. When a child is not given the kind of care they need from their caregivers, they naturally believe it is their fault.
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Transpersonal and Paranormal Experiences
Paranormal occurrences are usually a result of ego-shattering traumatic childhood experiences (regardless of whether the trauma is remembered, blocked or dissociated) that part the veil of everyday reality and allow exposure to other dimensions. Other types of situations that can also open the veil are life-challenging illness, coma, near-death or out-of-body encounters, spiritual advancement, subtle energy work, meditation, hypnosis, and kundalini.
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