Art Therapy

Art therapy is a powerful tool for accessing material buried beneath the surface. It can assist in helping us more easily identify problematic feelings, beliefs and patterns out of the normal range of awareness and provide unique solutions to dilemmas. It can also help identify parts of the self that need support, parts that require boundaries, and parts that offer guidance.

One need not know anything about art to participate, nor is a talent in art required. What is required is a willingness to experiment and play. Everything put down on paper, even a squiggle or a stick figure, gives invaluable information. All that is created provides an intimate story about your particular personal journey and will give a deeper understanding of your self and the ways out of your struggle.

While the conscious mind can trick us, the hand has direct access to the subconscious where truth and a greater understanding of the self reside. Through this process can be revealed deeply held emotions and feelings, repetitive mind battles, splits within the psyche, and lost parts requiring reintegration.

Art therapy can be a wonderful way to access and express bound feelings and energies and bring through a new feeling experience and understanding of our emotions. For example, underneath anger, when given the authentic expression it requires, will come art that is reflective of peace, rest and greater lightness.

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