Spiritual, Experiential and Dynamic Approaches to Healing and Growth

As a spiritual and experiential psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, past life regressionist and art therapist with thirty years of experience, I have developed a transformational model synthesizing transpersonal and shamanic approaches to personal growth, healing, recovery and spiritual unfoldment, as well as challenges arising as a result of ascension or spiritual awakening. My work encompasses personal evolution, family and relationship issues, self esteem, dream work, intimacy, sexuality, career, life purpose, codependency, communication/assertiveness skills, anger and grief releasement, primal discharge, inner child bonding, health challenges, eating disorders, addictions, and gender identity struggles. As a trauma specialist, I work extensively with healing from child abuse; emotional, physical and verbal battering; incest,  sexual abuse, ritual abuse and mind control recovery. Other specialties include working with indigo, crystal and rainbow teens and adults, and the development and expansion of creative, artistic and healing gifts. I also specialize in working with multidimensional states and paranormal difficulties, including spirit releasement and UFO/ET (extraterrestrial) encounters.

Allow me to help you create healthier, more satisfying relationships; grow in self understanding and acceptance, and develop a rich, sustaining inner and outer life. With a little willingness, you can release doubts, fears, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame and depression; work through restrictions that block the true expression of Self; and heal the core wounds that give rise to painful patterns, beliefs, compulsions and phobias.

Together, we can gently begin the journey of healing, creating access to the inner wisdom and clarity waiting deep within. Yes, you can develop inner stability, peace of mind and experience fulfillment and joy, even during these precarious times.