Recovery of Soul-Mind Fragmentation (RSF) Therapy

When a person experiences trauma, whether it be from physical, sexual or emotional abuse, fragments of the self split off and flee for survival. These fragments, which usually are inner children, may relocate to other parts of the body, hang around the periphery of the body, or travel to the Light or other dimensions. What remains is a filament of connection between the person and the part that fled.

Some of our language indicates support of this understanding. Statements, such as “he’s not all there” or she’s falling apart” or “I am beside myself” are indications of this problem. When parts of the self are missing, it can leave a person feeling confused, scattered, and with a sense of “something missing.” It also leaves a vacancy for other energies to enter which may require spirit releasement.

In this type of shamanic soul retrieval, the source of trauma is identified and processed in order to clear the trauma. The filament is then traced to the lost part and coaxed back to the body. Reintegration of this part back to the body requires letting this fragment, or inner child, know they are safe now, that they are going to be cared for, protected and loved. With the development of a proper, safe and loving relationship, the inner child will choose to remain.

The return of missing parts of the self brings with it new uplifting energy and a sense of seeing the world with “clearer eyes.”

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