Ritual Abuse Recovery

Ritual abuse is organized systematic torture perpetrated by satan worshipping families, individuals, cults, groups, institutions and covert agencies, many of whom profess their caring for humanity as a cover while they specialize in trafficking the millions of children that go missing every year. Their aim is to break the will of an individual, and society in general, primarily beginning with children, so they can be controlled and used for their own purposes. This includes extreme sexual, emotional, psychological and physical torture, human and animal sacrifice, cannibalism, and torture killings of the young to produce adrenochrome. MKUltra, which is mind control and experimentation of individuals and the general population, is also widespread, and deeply embedded in the structure of the United States and every nation of the world. At the top of this heirarchy are off world satanic entities who control cult activities and the minions who report to them on the Earth’s surface. These entities, at this very moment in time are being systematically eradicated and those who worship them brought to justice. This is in line with the Aquarian Age where new forms of living and loving will be birthed.

This is by far not a new problem in our society. It has been going on since time immemorial. The difference now is that darkness of all kinds is being exposed, as can be witnessed in the alternative press and soon to be brought to the mainstream media. As a result, many survivors are coming to therapy, usually lacking memory of their history, but showing the signs, symptoms and issues particular to this population. Where there is willingness, there is healing. Many very old souls have been born into this history in order participate in clearing darkness from the planet. To do the deep hard work and to understand our unique individual place on this planet is to truly awaken.

We are at a turning point in our evolutionary history. We are either being called to heal the darkness we have been exposed to or we are being asked to become conscious and aware of the levels of darkness that exist on this planet. Out of this healing and out of this level of awareness, a new paradigm based on integrity, mindfulness and respect for all life can be borne. We are here to witness and become part of that solution.

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