Joyce has truly and profoundly changed my life. She helped me understand some of my patterns and worked through them with compassion, love, and respect. Each session felt transformative – in natural conversation, she would say one thing so profound that really touched me at my core. I’m actually considering a career in psychotherapy because I could only hope to help someone as much as Joyce has helped me. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to share my fears with her– she was nothing but open, respectful, understanding, and completely without judgement. Joyce, I cannot thank you enough for your kind and generous spirit, I love you and I thank you!

– Anna K., New York City

* * * *

I am super grateful to you, Joyce. The growth, lessons and realizations are priceless and your support, validation, insight and care mean the universe to me. God bless you, infinitely!

– Jacson D., New York City

* * * *

Throughout my healing journey, practices, and therapists I have worked with, there are no words to describe what Joyce has brought forth in my life. She has changed it in ways she or I may never know. More off, that it was through fate that her name was brought up with a friend of mine, and at a very searching time of my life, I took a chance and began seeing her. Every time I stepped in the room, I was greeted with the utmost comfort of the atmosphere and her own soft energy, yet still vibrant and direct. My deepest pains and holdings of guilt were opened with each session. I was able to trust the voice inside myself through her direction, which was held in patience, honesty and connection to what I was feeling. She knew just what I wanted to say when I was afraid or resisting to say it. The work I have done with Joyce has led me into the life I knew was in my heart yet shadowed with illusions and fear of my own unworthiness. Thank you is not enough because our work together is something I will cherish my whole life. Joyce is here to transform, heal, and lead others into light and that is simply being done. I am grateful I have crossed paths with such a loved and generous soul that I will remember and keep close to my heart always.

– Linde M., New York City

* * * *

When I found Joyce, it was my 3rd true and honest attempt to find a therapist who I would be able to connect to. Now that I look back upon that day and time, I can see that it was fate that brought us together because I was in a place in my life to face some truths that I had been running from. Joyce deftly guided me through every stage of uncovering, facing, grieving this truth. She was patient, compassionate and extremely perceptive by adapting several types of therapies to help lead me towards becoming a whole person again. I have changed tremendously as a result of our work together, something my wife can also attest to. I always felt Joyce to be extremely present in our sessions which in turn strengthened my own commitment to my process. While my work will continue on, Joyce helped me navigate personal relationships such that I gained my confidence and voice back and showed me the road to build upon these successes. Thank you, Joyce.

– Trishna P., New York City

* * * *

Joyce is a true “dream-catcher”. She guided me in facing my fears, gently pushing me to explore deep-seated emotions I didn’t want to explore alone. I came to her office feeling “stuck”—stuck in a hamster wheel of old patterns that weren’t serving me, nor leading me to the life I wanted. As a result of our work together, I am living the life I dreamed of—with a more confident self, a loving partner, and a thriving and beautiful son.

– Jane F., New York City

* * * *

When I first came to receive support from Joyce, I was overcome with anxiety and fear and was basically not functioning in my life. I was so afraid of my emotions, I couldn’t even acknowledge them, let alone let them flow. I suffered from severe panic disorder that had taken over completely. Over the course of very few sessions with Joyce, I was introduced to tools that helped me begin to honor all of my life’s experiences, even the most challenging ones, and respond to their aftermath with love. She helped me to accept myself and my journey as beautiful, and allow my emotions to surface and release in a safe and supported space. After a few months, the transformation was unbelievable. I went from fearing the simple process of closing my eyes in silence to knowing, deeply and intuitively, that the safest thing I can ever do is to close my eyes and go within for everything that I will ever need. Joyce respected my process and every step it took to get well. She didn’t fix me. She nurtured me, fortified me, and held up a mirror to me and my own strength. Her process was one of reminding me of my birthright to feel peace and experience love, and that there was absolutely nothing I could not handle, if I was willing to open up and do the work. Joyce changed my life forever. Transpersonal therapy truly is her life’s purpose.

– Johanna D., New York City

* * * *

I can’t thank you enough for all you have helped me with. I look back at the person I was 7 months ago and I’m so happy for the progress I have made thanks to you!! You truly have a gift and I’m so thankful you shared your beautiful insight with me. I feel more myself then ever before. I know I may not be perfect in some ways, but there is a part of me that is perfect and I look forward to continuing to follow and trust that light within me! You have opened up a whole new world for me. Before meeting with you, I felt defeated and hopeless. I now realize that while those feelings may come up, i don’t have to stick with them, identify with them, suffer with them. They are not running the show, although they really like to think they are!! Haha! Thanks to you, I have found this wisdom and will continue on my spiritual journey and earth journey with a lightness of being. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I am sending Reiki energy your way! 🙂 Much love and thanks.

– Jessica M., New York City

* * * *

Joyce is a wonderful person & therapist. When I was searching for a therapist I did many phone interviews beforehand. When I was speaking to Joyce over the phone I knew it already she is the one. She tapped the most sensitive area in my life where most of my problems originated. I was stuck in my life in many levels: privately, professionally, spiritually and had physical issues. After we started working together she was referring me to so many other great people who could assist me with my physical ailments. My healing process has accelerated to an incredible speed. During our sessions sometimes I didn’t even have to tell her what went wrong that day – she knew it in the moment I stepped into the room – as if she could sense me (which I believe she does naturally with everyone) and that makes her even more phenomenal. She has a vast knowledge that goes way beyond the psyche, her approach and technics are versatile and these were very important details to me. I’ve never been in therapy before so I really can’t compare her to other therapist or methods. I just know that everything I’ve experienced and learned from Joyce it was for my best: I have a direction to go in my life now; my physical issues are being helped through her friends & colleagues she referred me too and most importantly I’m in peace with myself and with my past. I cannot be more thankful to her for her help & guidance.

– Amanda G., New York City

* * * *

Joyce Z. Meyers is a generous and capable therapist and healer. She deftly moved me through years of trauma to a very deep and lasting healing. It was a privilege to work with someone so committed to discovering who I was and what I needed. She provided security and guidance to create a place to experiment and experience. It was a creative and stimulating process that I still marvel at. And I have immeasurable gratitude for her dedication and love. Her informative and transparent website is a testament to her professionalism and generosity. Her intention is simple – to help and heal. She offers you her own light, referrals, reading lists, any and all kinds of encouragement and support to achieve that shared goal. But my greatest testimonial for Joyce is that she comes to mind when I am feeling happy and blessed.

– Mara M., New York City

* * * *

Joyce Meyers is a shining light. A true visionary in the field of therapy. After going to many psychologists and psychiatrists for years, my journey brought me to Joyce. She has helped me find my way and connect with my core beliefs. Joyce opened my mind and heart to a whole new prospective on life and the world. This is exactly what I was searching for my whole life. She has been a tremendous asset to my personal growth and spiritual well-being. She helped me to heal and grow. I am forever thankful to her.

– F. Hassan, New York City

* * * *

When I started to work with Joyce, I had already done a lot of work on myself. For twenty years I had been in psychotherapy and recovery for childhood trauma, eating disorders, and addictions. In just the first session with Joyce, she helped me identify and release a destructive pattern that I had been acting out since childhood! That session alone changed my life. Joyce gets right to the heart of what is holding me back and doesn’t waste time. She believes in me. Together we’re changing all of my inner voices to voices of encouragement and love. She is so strongly on my side that I’m growing beyond anything I thought was possible. I thank God daily for her help in my life.

– Jennifer L., New York City

* * * *

Joyce is like no other therapist I have ever experienced. I feel she truly cares about her clients and their personal journeys in a deeply compassionate way. The space she creates allows for genuine and authentic interactions. She has the amazing ability to look through the cloud of confusion and help seek the truth. Her kind support and love coupled with her gentle pushing served as an important foundation for my spiritual growth and understanding. She does not seem to have a pre-set therapy for every client; rather, she seems to create idiosyncratic styles and ways to help each person on their own unique path. Her honest love for humanity and spiritual development is so pure that it is palpable in the room when working with her. Unlike many other therapists, she is not afraid of the darkness and shadows. Instead, she intuitively understands the power and importance of uncovering it. She safely led me into my darkness only to result in me living more fully and truly in my Light. I am forever grateful for her unconditional support and insight throughout my journey. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to uncover their truths, grow more into the person they truly are, and seek their inner power and beauty. She is my angel of healing. Thank you for everything, Joyce.

– Sheila P., New York City

* * * *

From the moment I arrived for my first session with Joyce, I felt as though I was immersed in a safe haven. I came to Joyce’s beautiful space feeling as though I was drowning, with nowhere left to turn and not knowing how to navigate through the darkness by myself any longer. What I found in Joyce was a gifted intuitive, someone who listens to me with all of her being, with a sensitivity and compassion I have never experienced before (despite having been to many different therapists over the years). In only a few sessions, she helped me to identify and work through core issues from my childhood that have been plaguing me throughout my adult life, and encourages me to shine my chalice on these dark places. As we continue to work together, I feel a deep shift within me is taking place and I have made significant changes in my life that seemed impossible just a few short months ago. I feel like I am on a healing journey with her, and I feel my creative spirit reawakening.

With Joyce, I feel as though I have someone on my side. She is a vigilant reminder to me of my internal light, who guides me to listen to my higher self and take those actions that support my growth. Joyce’s gentle spirit has been an amazing gift in my life. Hers truly is therapy for the heart and soul.

– Emily H., New York City

* * * *

When I came to Joyce, I was filled with fear, uncertainty and mistrust. They were dominating my life to such a degree that it made it almost impossible for me to find comfort day to day. I was going through a major transition in my life as well, and Joyce provided me with the love, support and guidance I needed. She helped me overcome the fear, uncertainty and mistrust; discover things about myself; and most importantly, uncover my true path in life. I am more confident than ever. I have more awareness and knowledge of this world – two invaluable personal qualities that Joyce helped me strengthen, and qualities that help me be a better me in this world. Thank you for helping me along my journey, Joyce!

– E. Carey, New York City

* * * *

With tremendous patience and unwavering dedication, Joyce had seen me through the most difficult period of my life.

It was an emotional journey that took years to complete but she did not back down even in the most turbulent moments. Throughout the years, she pulled me through with determination, never gave up even when I was convinced I was lost beyond recovery.

Unlike my previous experience with therapists, Joyce did not restrict her means and methods to academic teachings in psychology. She is wonderfully open-minded, ready to resort to any technique, any tool to assist the progress as long as it leads to a positive result.

I owe her much gratitude not just for keeping me safe during that journey, but also for that she had shown me what life can be if you look at it with eyes willing to see the goodness in all.

– Hsin-yi P., New York City

* * * *

Joyce has been a deeply crucial part of my healing process, and I thank the universe for bringing her into my life! She is full of love and understanding, and she has the most amazing ability to really SEE you. I have tried therapy before, but never met a therapist who made me feel safe enough to really dive into my pain or joy. Without this safety, there would have been no way for me to actually work through my life’s challenges. Joyce also has an amazing network of healing professionals that have all been some of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the honor of working with. I trust Joyce completely, and absolutely recommend her to anyone who is ready to bravely see themselves and enter the loving light of true healing. Eternal thanks, Joyce!

– Mina C., New York City

* * * *

Joyce has been a wonderful part of my journey toward healing and forgiveness. After our first conversation, I knew that she was willing to challenge me, and with her help I learned to trust my inner voice and my emotions in a way I had not done before. Although getting to this point of healing has not been easy, I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to share my thoughts, fears, and successes with Joyce. I am grateful for Joyce’s insights and for her caring and compassionate nature. She was instrumental in helping me not only to heal, but to be able to grow and thrive as I continue on my journey.

– Amari V., New York City

* * * *

Joyce Meyers has been my beloved colleague and friend for over twenty years. Her work is unlike any I have ever known. I have witnessed one session with Joyce bypass years of therapy with other professionals. She can take someone out of their story and into something new and profound very quickly, using experiential modalities that are of her own brilliant making. In fact, I nudge her on a consistent basis to write a book for the rest of us in the field because her work is of the highest and most profound nature. Joyce is a gift from the heavens, bringing great healing and light to this hurting world of ours.

– Julie Cohen, LCSW, New York City

* * * *

Joyce is a gifted and caring therapist whose areas of expertise allow her to pull from traditional therapies as well as more innovative techniques in addressing her clients’ needs.

When I first came to her I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t function well in my daily life, and couldn’t even understand what was causing me so much pain. With her support and guidance, I was able to navigate many areas of my life that were holding me back from truly understanding and expressing myself. She created a safe space where I felt validated and secure to explore parts of me that I had been too frightened to explore before. Working with Joyce also gave me the tools to guide and support myself, knowing that I have the power and wisdom to do so. With Joyce’s help, I’m now able to sleep peacefully, address life’s obstacles with more wisdom and understanding, and be true to myself in my personal relationships and my actions.

Her unique mix of knowledge, training, empathy and integrity are truly a gift. For me, they were the most meaningful gift I could have received, and I thank Joyce for helping me to become true to myself.

– Nicole F., New York City

* * * *

Therapy with Joyce is light-years ahead of traditional psychotherapy.  During my time with her I was able to heal and begin to open my heart.  Joyce helped me find my true Self and my authentic voice.  The work is hard at times, but worth it every time I look in the mirror and can feel self-love.  Joyce is especially skilled at going places many other therapists dare not tread.  For me the work included releasing a lifetime of anger.  Joyce did so much more than just validate my rage, she helped me to express it and release years of pent-up hostility from my body.  Her unique approach to releasing anger freed my body and soul.  So many therapists prior to Joyce seemed afraid to confront and release this ‘dark and dangerous’ human emotion.  Joyce helped me to face it head-on and was right there to support me the whole way.  As a result, I was free to begin to heal childhood trauma, deep sadness, and the subsequent addictions that kept me locked in self-defeat and self-hatred.  With Joyce’s support and encouragement I was able to go back to school to get my Master of Social Work.  I learned more about helping others from her than from any academic setting.  My own work with clients is modeled after her.  If you are looking for a therapist who offers empathetic listening, compassion, and a holistic approach, look no further than Joyce Meyers.

– Angie S., MSW, Reiki Master, New York City

* * * *

“Joyce Meyers received me with compassion and understanding, and inspired me with her compelling gifts of insight, sensitivity and imagination. She led me on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, integrating heart, mind and body, and helped me to comprehend where I had come from and needed to go. She is an extraordinary healer and teacher. Thanks to Joyce my music could sing freely.”

– Sara B., concert pianist, New York City

* * * * *

Joyce Meyers is much more than a therapist, she is a gifted individual who safely guides me through the darkness into the Light. I have been working with Joyce for over two years, and from the day I walked into her office to this present day I am a completely changed man. Joyce is a gentle soul who has shown me compassion and patience. Through my experience with her, I too have learned to be compassionate and patient with myself and others. The difference in my life is immeasurable, Joyce has helped me turn the key to open the Gates of Heaven in my life. No matter what happens I know I reached a turning point when I met Joyce. Thank you for everything Joyce. You are a true blessing.

– Michael S., New York City

* * * * *

Joyce Z. Meyers is the most effective psychotherapist I have ever had experience with. I have had several therapists in the past and the feeling I have about them is that I never got anywhere with myself. Week in and week out, year in and year out I would go to therapy. I would talk. I thought the therapists were listening. They never really seemed to respond to what my concerns were and didn’t offer much to me. And I feel like I never really got any place.

They say the definition of insanity is repeatedly doing something again and again, expecting that it will change. Nevertheless, I persisted in the search to find a therapist who would help me evolve. At middle age, I found Joyce and I have been in therapy with her for over 2 years. Joyce has helped me understand myself and have compassion for myself in such a way that I am finally moving forward with my life and my aspirations. I am now back in school finishing my B.A. after 30 years, and I am fixing up my apartment, for the first time making a real home for myself which truly reflects what I am and what I love.

Joyce offers a totally safe and comfortable environment in which to open up to yourself. She gives 110% of herself in the sessions and is very responsive and supportive. Whatever your concerns may be: relationships, childhood trauma and abuse, addiction, work, parents and/or children, death and dying, middle-age crises, spiritual crises, self exploration, Joyce is very knowledgeable, deeply compassionate and will help you heal and provide abundant support. I feel as though Joyce Z. Meyers always champions me.

– Ann G., New York City

* * * * *

“Joyce Z. Meyers is a visionary in her field. She has expanded the meaning of healing by introducing a model for trauma recovery that embraces a unique understanding of the mind and emotion in a highly integrative format allowing for accelerated transformation. Her style is not only masterful but emblematically graced with heart. It has been enriching as well as a delight to professionally encounter this great spirit and observe her life force in action.”

– Nicholas F. Cimorelli, CSW, Psychotherapist. NYC

* * * * *

“Joyce Meyers offers a unique approach to addressing the complexities of human experience. She is not bound by one tradition or one school of thought, so she is able to tap into effective treatment modalities from many therapeutic models. She creates a personalized, intuitive, integrative direction individualized for each client. Joyce is able to hold a safe space and empowering environment for clients presenting with a variety of difficult and unusual issues and histories. From our mutual clients, I can attest to Joyce’s success, which usually unfolds in a very short period of time.”

– Kristin White, Medical & Spiritual Intuitive

* * * * *

“Marvelous healing and recovery is evidenced in one, after another, after another of Joyce’s clients. For years, she has sent many women to participate in my groups and workshops. It is through getting to work with and know them that I have come to marvel at and appreciate Joyce Meyers as a gifted, clear thinking, and unabashedly loving therapist/healer whose work represents a most beautiful confluence of heart and mind.”

– Donna Robin Lippman, M.S. The Incest and Rape Recovery Center.., Experienced and Individual psychotherapy, body/mind work, small groups and workshops for women survivors.

* * * * *

“As a colleague and friend, Joyce Meyers has my deepest respect and admiration for her work. She exudes warmth, caring, compassion and gentleness in all that she does personally and professionally. Her dedication and concern for her clients is unwavering. I have referred many clients to Ms. Meyers and have heard only good about her work.”

– Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, Ph.D., Genesis Consultants, Inc.

* * * * *

Joyce is both courageous and brilliant…she will take on client issues that confound other therapists.  I have been impressed with the clients she has referred to me…and know that when I refer clients to her, they are in excellent hands.

– Linda Gnat-Mullin, Reiki Master and Energy Healer

* * * * *

I still think back with deep gratitude for my work with Joyce. Some of the most significant and necessary breakthroughs I had were in direct result to the knowledge, understanding and tenacity of approach. She shepherded me into very challenging and dark spaces so as to effectively heal. Thank you for being a very important part of my healing journey!

Rachel K.

                                                                                                                                * * * * *

Joyce is very understanding and genuine. It feels like you have known her your whole life which makes it easy to open up to her. In my experience, she helped me identify traumatic events from my past, triggers and stressors that were causing me constant anxiety & panic attacks. Dealing with this for almost two years I started losing hope (would I ever feel normal again?). Luckily, I came across her website. With her techniques I was able to diminish most symptoms within our first few sessions! Very caring person, you can feel that she wants the best for you. Also, she goes above and beyond to find you resources that greatly benefit you. I’m forever grateful!
–  Nancy M.

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