Professional Background


  • Graduate of New York University School of Social Work.  1981
  • Certified Hypnotherapist. The New York Milton H. Erickson Society for
    Psychotherapy and Hypnosis.  1990
  • Certified NLP Practitioner. The New York Training Institute for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  1991
  • Life, Death and Transition Training. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Center. 1993
  • Board Certified Regression Therapist (CRT) in Past Life Regression. 1997
    International Board for Regression Therapies (IBRT)
  • Past Life Training with Henry Bolduc.  1999
  • Spirit Releasement Therapy Certification with Bill Baldwin.  1999
  • Academy of Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) Advanced Training.  1999
  • Past Life Therapy Training with Brian Weiss, M.D.  2000
  • Mediumship Training: Arthur Ford Intl. Academy of Mediumship;
    Leonard Young; Lilydale Assembly; Dr. Lauren Thibodeau, (NYC, N.J.)
  • Soul Retrieval Training, Sandra Ingerman. Sept. 2009

Personal Statement

Who I am as a person is deeply connected to the work I do. I see my life as a mission to help others see themselves in their original beauty, to learn the truth about who they are so they can be set free, to assist them in opening to their own unique destiny, and to work through beliefs and behaviors that keep them trapped in old ways of being. This is work I have had to do on myself, and still continue to do.

I have a deep, abiding faith in the potential of each human being. One of life’s most gratifying experiences is in watching a client blossom through the work we accomplish together. To do this work is a gift from God I will be forever grateful for. For me, life is a never-ending journey of self-discovery. It is what I know. It is what I teach.

What brought me to being a therapist was not only my deep desire to be of service on an emotional level, but to understand my own deep pain and suffering. Through the process, I not only gained understanding, but a way out and through that eventually gave me back my life, my self and my happiness.