Transpersonal and Paranormal Experiences


Paranormal occurrences are usually a result of ego-shattering traumatic childhood experiences (regardless of whether the trauma is remembered, blocked or dissociated) that part the veil of everyday reality and allow exposure to other dimensions. Other types of situations that can also open the veil are life-challenging illness, coma, near-death or out-of-body encounters, spiritual advancement, subtle energy work, meditation, hypnosis, and kundalini. The experiences that emerge from these openings may include heightened psychic or mediumistic abilities, past life recall; direct contact with Source or the High Self; contact with UFO’s, angels, guides, light beings, extraterrestrials (commonly referred to as ET’s, star visitors or aliens); as well as other off-planet energies here to assist us in our evolution. Once these experiences are explored and integrated, they have the potential to heighten our healing abilities and bring us closer to our own purpose and place in the universe. For more information, refer to www.EXPERIENCER.CO (FREE: Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial encounters), and

We are all born possessing a sixth sense and a connection to the non-ordinary reality we came from before we were born and will go to right after we “die.” This awareness can fade early in life due to lack of nourishment by parental figures and/or the society we are born into.

Transpersonal experiences are a natural part of Native American Indian cosmology. Their connection to Spirit, which is nurtured from birth, allows for a fluid line of contact for prophecy and guidance. In the past thirty years, children are being born in greater and greater numbers who possess a much thinner veil between this world and other dimensions. They are born extremely psychic and mediumistic and, like old souls, possess unusual awareness about life. These children are known as Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow or Star Children. These gifted beings have come to assist in the evolution of consciousness and raise the vibration of humanity. For more information about these children, please refer to Doreen Virtue and Richard Boylan.

Many people come to me with a wide range of transpersonal experiences. I help them understand and put their experience into context, provide working parameters around contact, and assist—if the client wishes—in cultivating the gifts that can develop as a result of contact. Others come to me with distressing paranormal experiences and problems that may require Spirit Releasement as well as other types of modalities that can transform once-frightening experiences into ones of understanding, acceptance, growth and healing.

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